#ITPE 2015

Oct. 6th, 2015 09:05 am
 This seems like as good a place as any to put up my ITPE list.

All pairings are casual faves, I have very few squics and Notps. I will enjoy case stories or character studies just as much, if not more than something heavily romantic. That said, Parent-child relationships and mentor-mentee are a no go for me.

Fandoms I enjoy:

  • Supernatural

    • Sam/Lucifer

    • Sam/Gabriel

    • Dean/Cas/Meg

  • MCU

    • Avengers movies

      • Any combination of Cap/Bucky/Darcy

      • Tony/Bruce

      • Darcy as a character being awesome.

      • Clint/Coulson

      • Aromantic Maria Hill (I’ve never read any stories featuring her being aromatic but it’s my personal headcannon and who knows maybe you’ve found something I haven’t.

      • Bruce/Betty

    • Daredevil

      • Matt/Foggy/Karren

      • Fisk/Westley/Vanessa

    • Hawkeye comics

    • Young Avengers comics

      • Billy/Teddy

      • Hawkeye(Kate)/America

  • DCU

    • Flash/Arrow

      • Barry/Iris

      • Roy/Thea

    • Batman Beyond

      • Terry/Dana

      • Matt as a character being awesome.

    • JLU

    • Young Justice (TV)

    • Teen Titans (the original TV show, not the terrible Go reboot)

    • Justice Society of America (Comics since as far as I know they’ve never gotten a TV show -- Geoff Johns run is my favorite.)

    • Any iteration of the Legion of Superheroes

      • Brainiac 5/supergirl

      • Brainiac 5/superboy

      • Brainiac 5/Dream Girl

      • Dream Girl/Starman

    • Crossovers for any of these are amazing.

  • Leverage

    • Parker/Eliot/Hardison

  • Dresden Files

    • Harry/Marcone

Tropes I Enjoy:

  • Soulmates/soulbonds

  • Case stories

  • time travel

  • Fantasy/Medieval AU

    • basically anything with dragons….

  • Superhero AUs… for the fandoms that don’t already contain superheroes…

  • Dom/Sub

    • ABO, mating, collars

  • uniform kink

  • ritual sex

  • Wings
  • tattoos

Tropes I Do Not Enjoy: ( These just aren't my favorite they're not true squics or hard stops just something to consider.)

  • Coffee shop AU

  • High school AU

  • Always a different gender AU

  • genderswap AU

  • death fic

Things I am willing to podfic:

  • Anything on my approved lists

  • Other fandoms

    • HunterXHunter

    • Hikaru No Go

    • Sense 8

    • Outlander

    • FMA

    • Old Kingdom (Garth Nix)

    • Ex-heroes (Peter Clines)

    • Wearing the cape (Marion G. Harmon)

I also have a pretty long list of fics bookmarked to record here if you need any ideas.



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